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Eliminate unwanted hair forever…a dream come true!!

Kalo Post Epilating Spray or Lotion is a true permanent hair removal product. Use kalo after your each regular hair removal method such as waxing, tweezing, laser, or electrolysis, until the hair is completely gone. Once the hair is gone it is gone!!

How it works: The special sulfur reducers in Kalo, start working right away to weaken the root of the hair and inhibit the hair’s ability to regenerate. Sulfur is a necessary component in hair growth, and by preventing the formation of sulfur, the hair is prevented from growing, permanently. Once all the hair is gone kalo can be discontinued. If epilation is too painful, try using kalo post epilating lotion or spray in conjunction with shaving. While kalo will not stop hair growth when used with shaving, it will slow the growth and weaken the hair. 

Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment provides relief from ingrown hair, pimples, razor bumps, hair removal irritations and rashes.