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Supercharge Your Hair Growth

When you want longer hair faster !!! Another innovative product from Nisim International, f.a.s.t.’s proprietary blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids will increase the growth-rate of hair up to 95%. 

The shampoo and conditioner system are formulated to work on all hair types, and will not affect chemically treated hair. In fact, it helps to repair damage, due to over processing. 

The sooner you start using the shampoo and conditioner everyday, the sooner you’ll see f.a.s.t. results! You will notice you’re hair has grown almost twice as f.a.s.t within 3 to 4 weeks.

Remember, don’t settle for a copycat, buy the one and only original f.a.s.t. 

*Note: This is not a hair loss product. Your normal rate of hair growth will resume when f.a.s.t. is discontinued.